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Granted, it might not be the most cheerful topic, but having the right measures in place to protect your loved ones if you die is SO important.

The chances are you already know that. But you’ve been putting it off because it sounds complicated, time-consuming or expensive. Today is the day to take the first step towards getting it ticked off or your to-do list.

At Future Life we only write Wills for parents or guardians of young children. We’ve chosen to specialise in Will writing for young families because we noticed that very few Will writers were dealing with the needs of young parents and the arrival of a new baby changes everything in your life.

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Before having children, a Will is largely about laying out who gets what if you die. Critically though, as a parent, a Will also sets out who should look after your children if you die. It is the only way you can appoint legal guardians for your children, should the worst happen.

With our Will writing service, aimed specifically at young families, you’ll be able to sleep soundly knowing your loved ones, and your assets, will be taken care of as you wish.

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    During the 90 minute appointment, we will go through the Will writing options, within the law, with expert advice – applied to your situation.

    This gives us all the information we need to build your individually tailored draft Will.

    Review your Will

    When we have built the draft Will we email it to you for checking (along with a plain English translation so that you know what the Will is trying to achieve)


    When you are happy with the draft Will, we will post the bound and finalised Will for you to get signed in front of Witnesses – the Will is then legal and yours to keep safely or get stored.

    We will walk you through each step of the process. We will listen to your concerns and help you make the right decisions for your family’s future.

    We know that some people can find the subject, uncomfortable and we help to make the process as simple as possible.

    Quality advice is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We will only ever do what is right for our customers.

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